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Shanghang County Xin originates from the water company integrated water information management system
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First. Project introduction

Shanghang tap water supply integrated information management system platform business functions are mainly divided into dispatching center (including dispatching large screen and computer room), water supply pipe network GIS geographic information system, GPS patrol system, water supply pipe network dispatching SCADA system, intelligent fire hydrant system, Video surveillance system, pump station monitoring system, etc.

The functional architecture diagram is as follows:


The intelligent water comprehensive information management system platform integrates independent process control automation, pipe network dispatching command, geographic information, analysis and calculation, information security and other technologies to solve the whole process monitoring automation and management informationization of water enterprise production and operation.

Realize the "combination of peacetime warfare" for water enterprises. When “flat”, it is used for water plant and pipe network water supply dispatching to ensure full-cycle operation monitoring of water supply. In the "war", improve the emergency response capacity, comprehensively integrate and utilize all resources, and achieve linkage operation in all aspects of water supply to achieve the advanced level of "integration."

The intelligent water comprehensive information management system platform can cover a whole set of processes from water source to user water. With the Internet of Things big data technology, it can digitalize, intelligently and standardize the production process, dispatch monitoring, process processing and decision-making. Thereby effectively improving operational management capabilities, improving corporate decision-making analysis capabilities, and providing effective guarantees for building a standardized and intelligent water management system.

With data disaster recovery backup capability, data can be backed up automatically or manually to prevent various accidents and ensure data security to the utmost extent;

The platform sensitive data is stored in an encrypted manner to prevent malicious cracking, attack, and stealing of data;

Support multiple ways of real-time alarm push, including: SMS, mobile client information push, software platform information alarm;

All monitoring equipment can be marked on the map and can display real-time information of the equipment: it contains real-time parameter information of water source monitoring point, water plant pumping station operating status, water quality monitoring point, pressure monitoring point and flow monitoring point;

It is very convenient and quick to draw the pipe network route on the map, and can display specific information such as line pipe diameter and material on the map; remotely control the device and connect the video surveillance screen of important places into the system and Show live footage and automatically record video archives.

Based on B/S architecture, it has good browser compatibility and can adapt to many mainstream browsers such as Google, 360, IE, etc. The number of concurrent system access users is more than 1000.

Second, the project construction effect

2.1 Enterprise Benefits

(1) Enhance corporate image and improve management efficiency.

The construction of “Smart Water Integrated Information Management System Platform” can greatly enhance the image of the government and water companies, and also improve the efficiency of management departments and the efficiency of business departments, reduce the cost of experience management, and accelerate the response speed of enterprises. The service quality of the water company has contributed to the construction of urban infrastructure, which is more conducive to the development of the urban economy and to the creation of a good investment environment.

Cost optimization and management efficiency, labor efficiency and equipment efficiency are achieved through resource integration, scientific scheduling, automation and informationization, as well as equipment optimization and energy saving.

Optimizing the cost of water supply is an industry self-discipline goal that must be continued, and plays an important role in achieving the sound development of the urban water supply industry and promoting the construction of resource-saving cities.

(2) Strengthening enterprise performance appraisal and improving cost control.

The construction of urban water supply facilities should be based on urban water supply planning, comprehensively consider the economic and social development of the city, and rationally determine the scale of construction in accordance with relevant national policies, standards, and norms, combined with changes in urban functions, industrial restructuring, and water-saving technologies. It is necessary to further develop and improve relevant standards and norms, establish enterprise cost constraint mechanisms, performance indicator systems and assessment systems to promote enterprise optimization and reduce costs. Through technological advancement, strengthening management, reducing redundancy and increasing production efficiency, we can further reduce energy consumption, reduce leakage, reduce drug consumption, and control operating costs.

(3) Scientific dispatch, timely warning, and improve dispatch control and emergency response capabilities.

Through the correlation analysis of the historical data of each collection parameter on the pipe network, combined with the pipe network simulation technology, the pipe network leakage abnormality is discovered in real time, and the event early warning mechanism is activated in time to assist the dispatcher to fully understand the operation of the water supply pipe network and improve the emergency disposal. Ability to ensure safe and reliable urban water supply.

Through the system monitoring and analysis of the operation of the pipeline network, the system can provide timely and effective analysis results, assist the water dispatching personnel to carry out pressure control, prevent the occurrence of squib or pipeline leakage accident caused by excessive pressure, and effectively control the leakage of the pipeline network. Loss rate.

2.2 Social benefits

(1) Safeguarding water supply.

Safeguarding water supply security is the basic goal that urban water supply must achieve, and is of great significance for maintaining stability and building a harmonious society.

Urban water security has become an important part of modern urban security and disaster prevention systems. Strengthening the safety of water supply needs to be fully considered from the aspects of water supply, water plant operation, pipe network operation and sewage treatment. From the aspects of water quality, water pressure, water demand and water source guarantee, the safety guarantee target of water supply is established. . In addition, for all kinds of accidents and emergencies affecting the normal operation of the water supply system, it is necessary to take safety measures and formulate emergency plans to comprehensively strengthen the construction of safety and security systems and emergency systems.

(2) Improve the water quality of the water supply.

Improving the water quality of water supply plays an important role in the quality of life of the people and in promoting the overall development of the city's economy and society.

At present, we still have a certain degree of pollution in our water sources. The main ones are: abnormal water quality sensory indicators, algae and algal toxin problems caused by lake eutrophication, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen problems, single organic matter concentration exceeding standards, pathogenic microorganisms, etc. . In response to these problems, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to further improve the water quality of urban water supply, and to make urban water supply meet the needs of economic development and people's living standards, and to ensure that urban residents can use healthy drinking water at all times.

(3) Improving water supply services.

Water supply enterprises not only need to produce products that meet the water quality standards, improve the water supply security level of enterprises, but also focus on improving service awareness, and strive to fully reflect the "people-oriented" while improving water quality, ensuring water quantity, water pressure and other safe water supply. The service concept realizes the humanization, intelligence and modernization of water supply services and enhances the service level of the entire water supply industry. Water supply enterprises should further enhance service awareness and improve service quality. We must implement all measures to improve water supply services from the aspects of system construction and technical support mechanism protection, and strive to create first-class enterprises. At the same time, it is necessary to formulate and improve water supply service standards and standards, and establish a water supply service system with government supervision, public participation, information disclosure, and standardization.

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