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Jinan Ganghua Gas Co., Ltd. Information System
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronics Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronics Read Frequency:2166 Release Time:2019-10-19
  • 项目名称

    Jinan towngas Co., Ltd. Information System
  • Construction unit

    Jinan towngas Co., Ltd
  • Contractor

    Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd.

Project Description:

1、Gas SCADA system (production operation department)

Real-time monitoring of various security factors, including:

Gate station (Import and outlet pressure, temperature, leak detection, valve status, video security information)

Gas station (temperature, pressure, leak detection, video security information)

Key industrial users (import and export pressure, flow meter, leak detection)

Resident user pressure regulating box (import and export pressure, leak detection)

End pressure monitoring point (end pressure, leak detection)

Pipeline well (leakage detection)

2. Gas demand side management system (customer service department)

Mainly manage Jinan Hong Kong and China business users, to achieve system management, file management, data query, application analysis and other functions

Abnormal analysis of dosage: According to the analysis of the dosage of gas meter, analyze the relationship between daily dosage and key parameters (minimum gas consumption, daily rated dosage), screen the abnormal unit of dosage, and perform safety inspection for continuous 5 (may) days and above.


Range matching analysis: According to the flow analysis of the gas meter, analyze the overload condition, the extremely small amount of the situation, combined with the gas table parameters, sort out the large scale small use, small table large use, etc., it is recommended to use the law more suitable for the end user. The gas meter model specification makes the gas meter in the best working condition.


Nighttime leak analysis: The leakage of each node is detected by the minimum flow nighttime leak detection method. For a given time period and minimum value, the data of the gas consumption in the selected area exceeds the minimum value. The results were analyzed to provide security screening for abnormal nighttime users.


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