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Cooperation policy

Company support 

1. Provide qualified products and be responsible for quality. 

2. Provide pre-sales technical support and free technical training. 

3. Provide market information resources of the agency area free of charge, and provide sales and feedback information of this product and similar products in the whole country free of charge. 

4. Provide marketing activities and product advertising support. 

5. Assist to develop and guide business and provide professional bidding document preparation services. 

6. Provide 24-hour service hotline to offer market and product technical services. 

Cooperation Conditions 

1. Independent legal entities or subject bearing civil liabilities independently

2. Abide by the agency system established by the company. 

3. Have a certain industry sales network and experience in selling similar products. 

4. Have a certain financial strength and management ability, good reputation and be able to complete the sales agency tasks. 

5. Those with service ability are preferred.