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CNOOC Gas Power Group - Internet + Smart Gas System
Author: Source: Read Frequency:3513 Release Time:2019-10-19

Ⅰ. Basic situation of the project

CNOOC Gas and Electricity Group operates and manages the business of the offshore oil and gas sector. In recent years, the development of urban gas business has grown steadily. At present, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan have been formed, covering millions of households in the market.

With the advent of the "Internet +" era, the Gas Power Group has established a smart gas system platform based on "Internet +" to integrate the business systems of the subordinate city gas companies to create a unified platform to achieve resource co-construction and co-management ,shared.

Ⅱ.  Platform implementation content

1. Gas customer information management system: unify all gas user file information, and eliminate all kinds of problems caused by imperfect user information, paper file loss and loss;

2, business charging system: to achieve a unified charge for all users, all types of meters, unified reconciliation, unified statements. The charging service is no longer dependent on multiple stand-alone version of the simple charging system, the charging efficiency is higher, and the report statistics are more accurate.

3, call center system and work order management system: to provide customers with "one-stop" service, the customer service work of each functional department, concentrated in a unified external contact "window", to achieve a phone call, a work order to solve all customer problems ;

4. Security inspection and management system: In conjunction with mobile applications such as mobile APP, carry out household security inspections to avoid all kinds of gas hazards and accidents caused by inconvenient paper security inspection documents, unsatisfactory security inspection rate and inadequate security inspection.

5, intelligent meter collection and mobile meter reading: remote collection and centralized management of all remote gas meters, the machine users and key users through the mobile meter reading, to achieve active collection and automatic upload of user gas data, can be effective Improve the real-time performance of gas data collection and provide timely and accurate data for the revenue system;

6, through WeChat, Alipay and community self-service payment machines and other convenience applications, users can achieve "intimate service on the fingertips", through the Internet means to make users bid farewell to gas payment difficulties, difficult to repair and other issues, improve gas company service levels, improve User service satisfaction.

Ⅲ. System platform features

The smart gas system platform is based on CNOOC's private cloud platform. Through the Internet of Things, the Internet, big data analysis and application, mobile internet and other technical means, the market development, marketing measurement and customer service are gradually integrated to form a real-time data transmission and resources. Interactive, information sharing, fast and intelligent response based on the "Internet +" smart gas platform. Deepen the improvement of user experience, improve customer satisfaction, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create social value.

Ⅳ. Live pictures

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