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Beijing Shunyi Municipal Holding Comprehensive Service Platform
Author: Source: Read Frequency:2125 Release Time:2019-10-19

1. Basic situation of the project

Beijing Shunyi Municipal Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 170 million yuan and total assets of 8 billion yuan. It includes 11 sub-enterprises of six major sectors including water and gas thermal comprehensive urban basic services, engineering construction, automobile services and new energy. Shunyi Municipal Comprehensive Service Platform is a system integrating water, gas and heat integrated customer service. It is built on the Internet of Things platform and has a design capacity of 1 million. Currently, it has access to more than 400,000 water and gas heat meters/users.

2. Platform implementation content

Shunyi Municipal Comprehensive Service Platform covers business charges, call work orders, mobile security inspections, newspaper repairs and other services, and realizes integrated access of all remote transmission tables, Internet of Things tables and IC card tables. The prepaid, daily meter reading, daily billing, and daily settlement methods are used to effectively solve problems such as difficulty in meter reading, difficulty in payment, and timely service of users.

Through the daily billing data, the user usage can be effectively analyzed; through the daily meter reading, combined with the master table, the analysis of the local (community or building or unit) supply and marketing difference can be realized.

Through the construction of a comprehensive customer service call center, integrating company service resources, standardizing the work flow, and focusing the customer service work of each functional department in a unified external contact "window". A call to a work order to solve all customer problems, to provide users with fast and accurate quality service.

3. System platform features

The construction of the Shunyi Municipal Comprehensive Service Platform has realized the “one-stop” service, greatly improving the user service experience, improving the service level of the company and improving user satisfaction. The implementation of electronic invoices allows the common people to run less errands, saving time costs. At the same time, it provides water analysis with water to help the people analyze the reasonable water use. The one-stop service for comprehensive reporting is aimed at “running at most once”, and the “business environment” is improved by the user’s “speak once and do it right”.

4. Live picture

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