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NB-IoT ultrasonic gas meter

NB-IoT超声波燃气表,是一款采用超声波计量技术, 加装电子控制器以及NB通信模组,组成的具有预付费功能的全电子式燃气计量器具 。

    NB-IoT ultrasonic gas meter is an all-electronic gas measuring instrument with prepaid function, which is composed of ultrasonic measuring technology, electronic controller and NB communication module.

Technical route:

◆ In-depth cooperation with the world's top ultrasonic chip supplier, ams, to integrate the core measurement algorithm firmware that integrates independent intellectual property rights into the chip.

◆According to the characteristics of gas metering, the firmware strategy of ultrasonic metering chip is greatly optimized, and a measurement scheme of “exclusive, adaptive, high sampling rate, high precision, low power consumption” is formed.

◆ Jointly released the “iESlab&ams” brand ultrasonic gas metering module with ams.

◆According to the characteristics of ultrasonic measurement, the company developed a matching calibration table to achieve high-speed modeling and efficient calibration/verification.

◆ Research on physical mechanisms such as electronics, materials, acoustics, and fluid mechanics to ensure the correctness of the theoretical foundation.

Key technologies:

◆ Metering chip firmware algorithm is designed independently, which realizes signal propagation adaptive (adaptive excitation frequency, PGA automatic adjustment, adaptive temperament, temperature, pressure change).

◆ Independent research and development of the production of gas medium transducers, achieving good acoustic matching, low voltage excitation, low power consumption.

◆ Simulation and optimization design of sound path and flow channel.

Technological advancement:25a19e93c531f536e5e105718a0fc5bc.jpg

The main function:

◆Using time difference method for ultrasonic measurement

◆ Use the special Internet of Things card to communicate data through NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things).

◆ It has three working modes: timed upload, manual upload, and abnormal event upload. The upload has a wrong peak mechanism.

◆ Online configuration parameters and local infrared communication interface.

◆With pre-paid function, it can realize remote recharge payment.

◆ With abnormal alarm management functions, including gas abnormal alarm, power abnormal alarm, communication abnormal alarm.

◆It adopts external 4 section 5 alkaline battery and built-in lithium battery power supply.

◆The meter end can display information such as temperature, pressure, gas volume, remaining amount, gas unit price, valve status, battery power, etc.

◆ The gas meter hardware program can be updated by remote online.

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◆Flow range: household meter G1.6-G4, industry commerce meter G6-G25

◆ Temperature range: -15 ° C ~ 45 ° C

◆ Pressure range: 60kPa-150kPa

◆Metric output: temperature, pressure, working condition flow, standard condition flow

◆R value: household meter module 250,  industry commerce meter module 400

◆ Built-in flow model, you can use Qingdao iESLab Electronic's ultrasonic gas calibration table to calibrate different phenotypes of users.

◆ Built-in ultrasonic signal strength automatic adjustment algorithm, effectively adapt to temperament and pressure changes.

◆Power consumption: less than 50uA when the sampling frequency is 4Hz

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