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The gas pipeline inspection system


Solve the following problems:

low work efficiency: due to the lack of scientific route planning, there are a lot of repeated inspections on urban main roads, while in some suburbs and the end of pipe network, there is a lack of inspection.

the report of important hidden danger is not timely, and the long-term supervision of hidden danger is not in place.

poor work quality: lack of convenient hidden danger reporting system leads to neglect of slight hidden dangers

lack of supervision: it is unable to get the current position and route of the line inspector in real time.

difficult to assess performance: it is difficult to accurately count the patrol mileage of the line inspector and quantify the workload.

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Function list of gas pipeline inspection system

System Module

Function Module

Detailed Functions

Function Description

Gas Pipeline Inspection System


Monitoring Center

Real-time monitoring

The GPS patrol management platform can view the real-time location of the patrol personnel, real-time reporting events, patrol personnel working status, terminal log, task information, etc., and can perform instant playback of the patrol track, simulating the patrol line.

Terminal status

The management personnel can customize the query according to the date and the use status of the terminal. The content of the query includes the terminal login time, status, number of satellites received, cell phone signal strength, battery power and working status, etc., so that the administrator can understand the handheld terminal in real time. Operating status

Monitoring record

Managers can view the historical trajectory of the line patrol personnel by date, including all the information in the real-time monitoring, and can play back the trajectory

Trajectory analysis

Through this function, the manager analyzes the position of the line patrol personnel at each moment, including information such as time, coordinate spacing, speed, and time consumption, so as to guide the manager to judge the current state.

Message notification

The system provides instant messaging function, and the administrator can release the message notification to the line patrol personnel in real time through the message notification function, and support the group sending and notification feedback functions.

Hidden Danger Management

Hidden danger query

The system provides hidden danger query function. The administrator can customize the query according to the time, device type, hidden danger type, hidden danger level, reporting personnel and other conditions. It is convenient, clear and clear, so that the administrator can understand and grasp all the hidden dangers in the system in time. Information, through the picture display mode can also directly query the picture of the hidden danger scene

Hidden danger  solve

The system provides a set of hidden danger handling functions for the hidden danger information reported by the line patrol personnel. Through the system, the management personnel can arrange the processing personnel for each hidden danger event, formulate the repairing measures, and give the task recipients, and the state of the hidden danger is carried out. Instant tracking

Hidden danger statement

The system automatically generates reports based on the hidden danger information reported by the line patrol personnel. The user can customize the report according to the time, personnel, hidden danger level, hidden danger type, status, etc.

Hidden danger statement

For the construction of various types of facilities affecting the gas company's official website, such as municipal construction, railway construction, road excavation, etc., the system has specially set up a site monitoring module for management. The system is assigned to the corresponding line personnel in the form of tasks, and the site is on a daily basis. Status update report

Analysis of dangerous source

The daily monitoring of the hazard is the key work of the lineman every day. The hazard source monitoring function is provided in the system. Each hazard information is recorded in the system for scientific management. The line of the hazard information that the line personnel will be responsible for each day. Report to the system main station

Hidden Danger Analysis

Analysis of hidden danger type

The system provides a report statistics function based on the type of hidden danger, and the user can select a period of time for statistics.

Analysis of hidden danger trend

Through the analysis of hidden danger trends, the types of hidden dangers of hidden dangers are discovered in a certain period of time, thus guiding the later maintenance work.

Analysis of equipment type

The system provides an analysis report function based on the device type. The user can select the hidden danger information for a period of time to query, thereby analyzing which devices have hidden dangers.

Analysis of the line inspector

Statistics on line patrols for the number of hidden danger reports

Task Management

Inspection planning

The system provides functions for customizing the key points of the patrol line, the patrol route, and the patrol area. The user can divide the patrol area of the city to arrange different patrol officers to conduct inspections in different areas.

Inspection scheme

The designated inspection area will be dispatched to the line personnel in the form of a task.

Inspection scheme

In order to facilitate the administrator to release tasks, the system provides daily, weekly and specific patrol task modules.

Inspection Reports

Daily inspection report

Counts the inspections of the selected line patrols on the selected date within one day, and displays them in the form of reports, supporting the export and printing of reports.

Monthly inspection report

For the full week of the selected date, detailed inspections of the inspections of the line inspectors within one week are performed in units of departments, and are displayed in the form of reports, supporting the export and printing of reports.

Weekly inspection report

Detailed inspection of the inspections of the line inspectors within a month by department, and presentation in the form of reports, support for export and printing of reports

Attendance record

Detailed statistics on the attendance of the lineman in a month, and in the form of a report, support the export and printing of the report

Attendance qualification rate

The system evaluates the time of the patrolman's commuting time according to the set working time and off-duty time, and calculates the passing rate of all the patrol staff in the period of time and the number of early departures and the time of punching and punching.

Inspection  coverage

The actual inspection rate of the key points that the patrol linekeeper should patrol during the inspection process, and the number of completed, completed, and patrolled points of all patrolmen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in the form of a report. , actual patrol key points and coverage

Inspection mileage arrival rate

Statistics of the actual line patrols of all line patrolmen on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, providing reference for the patrol line inspection

Vehicle Management

Real- time location query

View the real-time location and status of the vehicle and play back the track of the day

History location query

Can query all historical track records and playback in system records

Analysis of history location

Track point analysis of the trajectory of the day and history


Maps Tool


The system can manage the basic electronic maps within the jurisdiction, and use standard graphic symbols to visually display related administrative divisions, roadsides, road names, institutions, units, schools, etc.

Photographic map

View the image image of the system

Map cruise

Users can drag the map by mouse to achieve smooth roaming of massive map data.

Displaying whole picture

Quickly zoom the map to the full image display by clicking on "Show full image"

Hawk-eye guidance

Provide map index eagle eye to facilitate navigation and positioning of the whole picture. At the same time, the navigation map can be zoomed to accurately locate the display range.


Length measurement

Measure the length of the line between the facilities or the length between any points, and calculate the length between the paths

Area measurement

You can directly measure the area of a polygon area on the graph. For example, you can directly measure the area of a polygon area on an electronic map.


Clean Graphic

Clear all lines and areas on the map and the corresponding measurements by clearing the graphical tool. In the process of drawing the measurement graph, you can also stop the drawing operation of the measurement graph by the Clear Graphtool.

Inspection Terminal Module

Report terminal location

Real-time reporting of the current location information of the terminal, the primary station receives and records

Map browsing

The lineman can view the map location on the terminal

Report hidden danger

The location, description information, and live pictures of the hidden danger information found during the line inspection are reported, and the primary station receives and views the information.

Third party construction management

The location, description information, and live pictures of the third-party construction information found during the inspection process are reported, and the main station receives and views

Acceptance and execution of line patrol task

Receive the tasks delivered by the system's main station and conduct line inspections according to the task area, and take photos and report the key points.

Breakpoint renewal

The terminal supports the resume function of resuming point. When the terminal network is disconnected, it can be automatically reconnected. After the connection, the previous information is retransmitted.

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