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Qingdao iESLab and ams jointly released “iESlab&ams” ultrasonic water meter and gas metering module.
Author:Qingdao iESLab Source:Qingdao iESLab Read Frequency:1530 Release Time:2018-11-07

November 6-7,Qingdao iESLab and ams jointly released the “ iESlab&ams” co-branded ultrasonic water meter and gas meter metering module in the Vienna EUW “European Public Utilities Exhibition Week”.It also announced the establishment of ultrasonic flow measurement technical support centers in Germany and China. Qingdao iESLab officially released a new generation of ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic gas meters.


       Released ultrasonic water metering module and gas metering module series,adopt international advanced and mainstream ultrasonic measurement scheme:Ams UFC time difference method,Using ams ultrasonic chip equipped with traffic firmware customized according to Qingdao iESLab proprietary intellectual property algorithm,With high sampling frequency, ultra low power consumption, reliable and stable algorithm and high production capacity.The successful development of this module can speed up the development of the entire meter and the speed at which the product is put on the market.

Qingdao iESLab and ams reached a strategic partnership in 2015 to conduct in-depth cooperation in ultrasonic technology,and has established ultrasonic joint technology laboratory in Germany and China respectively.Qingdao iESLab now has complete solutions for ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic gas meters:including self-developed ultrasonic water meters, gas meter calibration tables and other core equipment, complete production lines, key components, complete sets of parts and finished meter, etc,has a high level of technology in the industry.The conference announced that the two sides set up ultrasonic flow measurement technical support center in Germany Stuttgart and Jinan, China respectively,equipped with automatic ultrasonic water meter calibration table, gas meter calibration table, ultrasonic water gas sample meter, ultrasonic water gas module,for customers to carry out ultrasonic flow measurement, to provide customers with a full range of technical services.

      Qingdao iESLab has achieved a leading position in the research and development of ultrasonic metrology,while attaching importance to technological innovation and product innovation, the company also pays close attention to the matching of products and production lines,always maintain high investment in capacity automation and information construction, and establish a smart factory,

effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, and ensure production capacity.

47f748afc35ac870aa963a4fe4ef20a3.jpg     At the "European Public Utilities Exhibition Week", Qingdao iESLab also released a new generation of ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic gas meters products to the world ,a new generation of ultrasonic water meters will be released simultaneously on November 30th at the 13th Water Conference in China.

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