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Water Supply Safety Production Dispatching Monitoring System of Linyi Water Group Co., Ltd.
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:1310 Release Time:2019-10-19

I. Project construction background

On May 25, 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Reconstruction and Construction of Urban Water Supply Facilities and the Vision of 2020” (Jiancheng [2012] No. 82), further clarifying the urban water supply industry. Construction and development goals.

Linyi City Water Affairs Group always adheres to the scientific development concept and strives to create a new situation in the water supply industry. In order to build the “Water Supply Safety Production Dispatching Monitoring System” platform of Linyi, create the intelligent environment of Linyi Water, further improve the management level and service level of the enterprise, and improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise by means of information technology. Linyi Water Group decided to build water supply safety. Production scheduling monitoring system platform.

Ⅱ.Project Description

Linyi City Water Group's water supply safety production dispatch monitoring and control system platform is based on geographic information technology to coordinate the integration of SCADA system, GPS patrol system, GIS geographic information system and other data, and has a network-wide information release subsystem, and security Video surveillance access. The construction details of the water supply safety production dispatch monitoring system platform are as follows: 

(1)Establish a dispatch center, including LED large screen, computer room, hardware equipment, seats, workstations;

(2)Construction of a platform for monitoring and monitoring system of water supply safety production based on geographic information. The platform should include GIS geographic information subsystem, GPS patrol subsystem, SCADA subsystem, and system information for realizing water supply safety production scheduling monitoring system platform, OA, customer service management, etc. Shared network-wide information distribution subsystem, and security video surveillance access;

(3) Build a GIS subsystem to realize the file construction, maintenance, query, analysis, etc. of existing pipe network information;

(4) Construct a GPS subsystem to achieve vehicle positioning, personnel positioning, track playback, etc.

(5) Construct a SCADA subsystem and integrate 50 pressure and flow collection points of the original system;

(6) The main operation data of the half-way water plant central control system is transmitted to the water supply safety production dispatch monitoring system.

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