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Liaocheng Water Group Group Urban Water Supply and Drainage Integrated Information Management System Purchasing Project
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:1297 Release Time:2019-10-19

Ⅰ.Background of the project

Qingdao Jicheng Electronics undertakes the project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which was established in December 2013 as the “Science and Technology Project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development 2014”. Item Number: 2014-K8-031


Ⅱ.Project construction content

Through the organic integration of Liaocheng City Water Affairs Group, Jicheng Electronics has formed an integrated information management system platform for urban water supply and drainage, and completed the water plant dispatch, water supply dispatch, secondary water supply equipment, pipe network inspection and water quality through the large screen of the dispatch center. Dynamic monitoring of online monitoring, water meter collection, operating charges, and loss control.


In accordance with the principle of “overall planning, emergency construction, and key implementation”, the comprehensive information management system for water supply and drainage integration of Liaocheng Water Group was implemented in two phases.

The first phase of construction:

Complete the infrastructure construction for the operation and use of the information system.

Build a production operation command center that integrates "SCADA, GIS, GPS, video".

It will build an integrated customer service management system including business charges, customer service, newspaper management, and call center.

Build an information interaction "window" that integrates PC website, mobile website and APP application.

The second phase of construction mainly improves the construction results of the first phase, and at the same time studies the construction of hydraulic network computing software and system integration schemes, and gradually builds a comprehensive information platform for smart water services.

Ⅲ.Project construction results

At present, the “Water Supply and Drainage Integration System” has been completed and put into use. After the completion of the system construction, the information and scientific management level of the entire group has been improved:

(1)Through the integrated operation of water supply and drainage, the unified dispatch of water source, water purification plant and sewage treatment plant is realized, and the dispatching command is issued by the command and dispatch center to comprehensively monitor the production and operation of each plant. Standardized operation brings significant energy saving and consumption reduction effects. Only after counting the main business of urban water supply, it is found that according to the real-time pipe network water pressure and water quantity monitoring data, the unit matching and frequency adjustment are guided to achieve the energy-saving effect of “cutting peaks and filling the valley”. The average production level in the first half of 2015 is comprehensive. The electricity consumption is 424.65 degrees / kiloton, which is 5% lower than the 448.7 degrees / kiloton in the same period of 2014. The annual electricity cost can be saved to more than 1.1 million yuan.

(2)Realized the real-time tracking and positioning of engineering maintenance, pipe network inspection personnel, hidden trouble reporting, maintenance processing, full process scheduling, improved work efficiency, reduced manual review workload, and helped maintain water supply network through extensive data analysis and optimization. Pressure balance reduces the chance of a squib. At the same time, it can improve the discovery time rate of the loss situation. According to statistics, the average leakage rate of the group companies from January to June 2015 was 11.37%, which was 0.84% lower than the 12.21% in the same period of 2014. The economic loss can be recovered by about 900,000 yuan in this year alone.

(3)The customer service center was newly built, and the “96568” service hotline was activated. Through the functions of manual and self-service voice service, work order distribution, and service effect return visit, the external service quality and efficiency were effectively improved, and the water service hotline won the trust of the government and the public. . From January to August 2015, the number of hotline traffic was more than 7,100, an increase of 18% over the same period in 2014. In addition, the number of transfer orders for the water business was reduced by 40% from the mayor hotline and the urban construction hotline, basically eliminating artificial people. Service complaints caused by factors have effectively improved customer service satisfaction.

(4)The construction of comprehensive and accurate data information collection, analysis and optimization has achieved scientific decision-making. Through scientific decision-making to achieve the strategic goals of enterprise development, it meets the ever-changing needs of the society, enhances the corporate image, strengthens the government's trust in the enterprise, and promotes the government's strong support for the enterprise.

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