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Suzhou Gas Group Co., Ltd. Production Operation Command System
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:1301 Release Time:2019-10-19

1. Project overview

Project Name: Production and Operation Command System of Suzhou Gas Group Co., Ltd.

Construction unit: Suzhou Gas Group Co., Ltd.

Integrator: Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd.

Project Description:

Construction of a production and operation integration platform system integrating "SCADA, GIS, GPS, video";

50 pipe network data monitoring point data access;

40 valve well leak monitoring data access;

Car video surveillance system installation and configuration;

Opening/completion date:

Start date: September 2015

Completion date: July 2016

2, System function

The production and operation command system of Suzhou Gas Group is based on geographic information (GIS), including GIS system, SCADA system, GPS inspection line system and video monitoring system. Comprehensive management of the company's pipe network information, station information, hazard source information, measurement information, user information, SCADA real-time data, station video, as well as the company's production and operation of vehicle information, inspection personnel information, etc., covering gas company production operations Comprehensive information system.


The main construction contents of the Suzhou Gas Group production and operation integration platform system are as follows:

(1) Construction of the basic platform of GIS system

The information and electronicization of the pipelines and ancillary facilities are combined with maps such as topographic maps and image maps to clearly display the pipelines on the computer, and at the same time facilitate information inquiry, provide pipeline accident emergency treatment solutions, and realize the pipeline network. Security management and other functions.

(2) Integrating the GPS system into the GIS geographic information integration management platform

By integrating the Suzhou Gas Group's inspection line system, the company's inspection line system is integrated to supervise the company's inspections. The GPS system and GIS are integrated into one platform, so that the two can achieve effective linkage, thereby improving the efficiency of the inspection line and speeding up the processing of accidents.

(3) Integrating SCADA and video systems into GIS geographic information integration management platform

The SCADA system is an important information system for production and operation. It mainly displays the name, pressure, accumulated flow, instantaneous flow, temperature, and alarm when abnormal, and reminds the monitoring center personnel to handle it. However, the SCADA system lacks spatial information. The abnormal alarm only knows the name and cannot know the specific location. Therefore, after integrating the SCADA and the GIS system, the real-time dynamics of each segment management can be seen in real time, and the pressure of the gas pipeline network is dynamic. management.

3, The scene picture


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