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Linyi Zhongyu Energy scada System
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:1879 Release Time:2019-10-19


The Linyi Zhongyu Energy Gas Scada System Acceptance Promotion Meeting was held recently. Linyi Zhongyu Energy and its brother company Linyi Zhongyu, Yanshi Zhongyu, Luohe Zhongyu, Sanmenxia Zhongyu, Jiyuan Zhongyu, including Zhongyu Headquarters leaders participated. This acceptance promotion conference.


The project includes a SCADA system and a GPS inspection line system. The SCADA system mainly monitors the monitoring points of the owner's company's station, industrial users, and important nodes of the pipe network. The GPS patrol system is mainly to manage the patrol personnel and the patrol vehicles. The project construction completion dispatchers can remotely monitor, dispatch and manage all the stations, industrial users and patrol personnel, and improve the production operation management level.

1. The perfect SCADA system ensures the safe operation of the gas transmission and distribution system.

The SCADA system has the function of real-time data and image transmission, and saves the historical record. The dispatching center can monitor the change of technical parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, odor and gas station in real time in real time, and judge the gas according to these parameters. Whether the transmission and distribution system is in a safe operating state, timely adjustment and scheduling, so that the operation of the gas transmission and distribution system can prevent the accident, thus ensuring the safe operation of the gas transmission and distribution system.

2、Perfect GPS system strengthens inspection and monitoring of gas pipeline network

In the GPS system, the patrol line of each line patrol person (vehicle), the patrol track of the line patrolman, the patrol line trajectory coincide with the gas pipeline, and whether the leak is stopped at the dangerous source part. Based on these records, the GPS system can also perform an accurate performance appraisal of the line patrol, thus ensuring that the line patrol attendance rate of each line patrol is 100%. During the inspection process, the line personnel found abnormal conditions and safety hazards, and the live photos were taken and uploaded to the dispatch center through the mobile phone. The dispatching center may dispatch relevant departments to conduct pipe network monitoring, equipment maintenance and emergency repair according to the site conditions.

The project can reflect various information in the production and operation process in real time and accurately, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the pipe network and greatly improving the visual management level.

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