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Qufu City Waterworks Reconstruction Project Smart Water Project
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:2204 Release Time:2019-10-19

Ⅰ Project introduction

The smart water system of Qufu City Water Supply Company mainly builds a dispatching center system platform based on GIS technology. Finally, the GIS geographic information subsystem, GPS patrol subsystem, SCADA subsystem, customer service management unified integration, data presentation, and security video surveillance are simultaneously implemented.

The system establishes a water operation monitoring management system structure of “one network, one platform, one center, one window”, which is suitable for the practical and reliable intelligent water dispatching system platform of the enterprise operation service area. The production, sales, service and management of water supply are effectively integrated and completed under the guidance of high-tech environment and knowledge of computer technology, digital technology and network communication technology. The system framework is as follows:


(1)Network construction

Built the internal Internet of Qufu City Water Supply Company based on the existing network of the Water Group and covering all the basic units in the service area and completely based on the Web application technology(Intranet).

(2)Platform construction

Based on the enterprise intranet physical network, the data and information integration platform is built in Qufu City Water Supply Company, and an information exchange platform integrating various data within the enterprise is constructed.

The platform integrates, rationalizes and standardizes the internal business management process of the enterprise, establishes an information sharing mechanism on the same platform, ensures the smooth and transparent information in the Qufu City Water Company, and realizes the interconnection, interaction and collaborative work of various functional departments. Improve management and efficiency.

In addition to the traditional basic information, the platform also covers real-time data, video data, location information, etc., and has a rich interface, which serves as the basis and key point for the construction of the intelligent water dispatching center system platform.

(3)Established the intelligent water dispatching center system platform

The center is an important support for production and operation. It is built according to the idea of “combination of peacetime and warfare”. It is used for production operation data monitoring and dispatching when “flat” and emergency command for sudden accidents during “war”. At the same time, it also has the functions of the hotline customer service center. It mainly includes GIS geographic information subsystem, GPS patrol subsystem, SCADA subsystem, and also has information release subsystem for realizing system information sharing such as intelligent water dispatching center system platform, OA, customer service management, and security video surveillance access.

Ⅱ, the system platform features

Based on GIS, Qufu City Water Supply Company's intelligent water management information management system integrates various business system information and pipe network information through an open service interface to realize information interconnection and data display application and sharing. It has the following three characteristics:

(1)Visualization: Real-time data collection, unified integration, multi-dimensional display.

(2)Business management: Meet the various management of scheduling business, including water volume forecasting, scheduling schemes and instructions, statistical analysis, various reports, log ledgers, historical data query, etc., and finally achieve paperless office scheduling.

(3)Decision support: Through mathematical models and dynamic operations, online simulation, accident simulation, and forecasting trends are realized.。

Ⅲ, the project construction effect

Through the correlation analysis of the big data of the pipe network and the pipe network simulation technology, the pipe network leakage accidents are discovered in real time, and the event early warning mechanism is activated in time to assist the dispatchers to fully understand the operation of the water supply pipe network and improve the emergency response capability to ensure Urban water supply is safe and reliable.

The construction of the project has greatly improved the service image of Qufu City Water Supply Company and improved the service quality of the company. Through resource integration, scientific scheduling, automation and informationization, equipment optimization and energy saving, cost optimization and management efficiency and labor have been realized. The purpose of efficiency and equipment efficiency. At the same time, the water quality of the water supply has been improved, the water supply service has been improved, and good social benefits have been brought about.


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