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Dezhou Water Supply Corporation
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:2205 Release Time:2019-10-19

Ⅰ.Project Description


The construction requirements of the water supply integration integrated information system project of Dezhou Water Supply Corporation include the water supply integration integrated information system platform and some subsystems of the platform, including the hardware equipment required for platform construction.

1.1 Water Supply Integration Integrated Information System Platform

The integrated water supply integrated information system platform will integrate SCADA system, revenue system, office OA, water plant operation, pressurized pumping station, secondary water supply, water quality data platform, DMA system, hydraulic model system, and security video surveillance access.

1.2 Full network information release window

The main data provides a unified information display window for the integrated water supply integrated information system platform through the mobile phone app and other network carrier channels, which opens up the information channel for internal and public users.

Internally, data sharing of various types of pipe network operations and water plant production will be released to allow more personnel (production commanders, field employees, superior leaders, inter-departmental managers, etc.) to obtain information services.

Externally, more information (such as water cuts, water quality, water common sense, usage, ladder prices, etc.) will be released to the public through more network channels.

1.3 SCADA subsystem

The new SCADA subsystem will be built to keep the original water plant, pressurization station and secondary water supply DCS system unchanged. With the SCADA subsystem of the integrated water supply integrated information system platform, the original SCADA data will be connected to the platform to realize the pipeline network. The SCADA data of the geographic information system is displayed, and each department uses the platform unified interface for daily viewing.

Ⅱ .System features

(1)Independent research and development platform, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress;

(2)Rich experience in dispatching system to ensure system stability and ease of use;

(3)Focusing on the 20 years of experience in the water supply industry, the systematic analysis and display are in line with the needs of water supply enterprises;

(4)The system construction is guided by the industry's authoritative units such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to ensure that the system construction industry leads;

(5)With rich experience in case construction, the system draws on the essence of each unit and provides the best service for the water division.

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