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Accumulate the electronic rubber industry to catch up with the "energy-saving car" Cooper Chengshan energy management system on-line operation
Author:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Source:Qingdao iESLab Electronic Read Frequency:2265 Release Time:2019-10-19

Recently, the “Cooper Chengshan Energy Management System”, which was built by Qingdao Jicheng Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jicheng Electronics Co., Ltd., was successfully put into operation. The Cooper Chengshan Energy Management System is a national industrial enterprise energy management center construction demonstration project carried out by the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Information Technology in the industrial field. It is also the first energy management center system in China's rubber industry. The successful operation of this system marks China. The rubber industry has successfully put on the "energy-saving car."

The system monitors and stores the main energy medium operating data such as electricity and steam in the whole plant in real time, and changes the co-platform Chengshan past extensively by means of multi-dimensional analysis methods of energy medium types, sub-sectors, sub-products and time-cycles. The traditional energy management mode of statistical and artificial lag analysis has exerted the maximum energy efficiency of the equipment and achieved the goal of optimizing energy and energy dispatching balance. Yuan Gong, head of the Gushan Chengshan Energy Department, said: "The operation of the Energy Management Center system has helped the Cooper Chengshan Enterprise to establish a centralized, flat and global management of energy production, distribution, and consumption. The energy operation mode of production greatly improves the safe and stable operation level of the energy system. "Only this one will save the company more than 300,000 yuan in electricity operation costs per year.

As one of the important basic industries of China's economy, the rubber industry is also a high-energy, high-pollution industry in China, and has always been the “bridgehead” for energy conservation and emission reduction. The data shows that China's industrial energy consumption accounts for 71.3% of the country's primary energy consumption, of which high energy-consuming industries account for about 80% of industrial energy consumption, and the rubber industry is the main force of industrial energy consumption. The on-line operation of the system can realize the standardization and refinement of enterprise energy-saving management, and the energy-saving effect reaches 5%~15%. It has a positive demonstration role for energy saving and consumption reduction in the rubber industry, and the application prospect is very broad.

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